Building a Digital Marketing Strategy is A lot Like Online Dating

Agatha Brewer
5 min readFeb 4, 2024

Five steps to turn your online admirers into clients

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Posting aimlessly on social media and expecting to get clients from this is about as smart as showing up on Tinder, assuming to find your husband.

Can you find your husband online?

Sure, I did! Thanks,! ❤️

But I also had to go on many awkward first dates and be careful about who I let into my world. And I had to actively screen out men who didn’t meet my standards.

Building a marketing strategy (or really, a nurture strategy) is a lot like dating.

Writing a social post — or any content, for that matter — gets you engagement.

This is like all those guys liking that photo of you playing tennis or swiping right, hoping you’ll do the same.

But if you want to go on a date with someone, you have to give them a bit more info. You send them a message and suggest a date.

Contact details are exchanged.

This is your call-to-action (CTA). You’re leading people to the next step and date number one.

If there’s chemistry, you keep seeing them. This turns into regular dating.



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