I Used to Think I Couldn’t Get Clients from Writing

Agatha Brewer
6 min readApr 15, 2024

And now I have proof that I was wrong.

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I used to believe that writing articles and blogs wasn’t enough to get clients.

I had to do something more: be more public, more in front of the camera, more “live” and in person.

I thought I had to share my soul on social media and constantly post, even if I didn’t get much results from my efforts.

Believing this made me waste my time on channels that don’t serve me.

Social media, for example.

I’ve spent countless hours creating social media content, and I’ve been repaid with less engagement than ever before.

I can blame the algorithm, but if I’m being honest with myself, I’m better at writing long-form content than creating 90-second Reels.

I’ve always found it challenging to explain complex marketing concepts in such a short timeframe, and when I do, it feels like I have to rush to get my message across. Similarly, when I cover mindset topics, they require a bit more explanation.

While I have gotten some engagement and interest from people on social media, most of my past clients and recent inquiries have come from search.

This tells me two things:



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