The Key to Living a Passion-Filled Life

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Why is it So Hard to Break Free?

Many of us struggle to break free from the mold society put us in, and we are deathly afraid of doing something in our lives that is outside of the norm because we worry about what our friends and family will think of us. This is especially true when it comes to our careers because they form a large part of our identity.

Here are a Few Things You Can Do to Stop Caring So Much:

1. Realize that people will judge you. They already do.

As you’re reading the words on this page and possibly taking a look at my bio photo, you’re judging me. It’s okay, it’s something we all do, and it is part of human nature. We have to quickly categorize things to survive, and part of that categorization is making quick judgments of other people. But it’s up to you to not let other people’s thoughts crowd your mind. Their judgments only get power over you when you listen to them. You do you, and keep moving forward.

2. Decide that it’s time to pursue your dreams.

It’s normal to feel like you have to do what you think society or your family wants for you, but eventually, you’ll come to a point where enough is enough. If you continue to listen to others’ opinions on how you should live your life, you’ll most likely end up miserable and resentful. So, it’s a decision you have to make, that you are no longer going to live a mediocre life, and instead want to focus on things that truly fulfill you. And that decision takes courage, but it’s also super freeing once you’ve made it. Because you stop telling yourself the story that you can’t [insert dream here].

3. Do things that make you feel uncomfortable.

The fastest way to stop caring what people think about you is to do things that you wouldn’t normally allow yourself to do. For example, I’ve been following this neuroplasticity-based program to heal from a chronic illness for the past two and a half years. Part of the program is based around mood elevation — as in, doing things that bring you joy, just because.



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Agatha Brewer

Agatha Brewer

I help new entrepreneurs launch successful businesses without the overwhelm. Business Coach + Marketing Mentor.