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Why “Posting on Social Media” isn’t a Real Strategy

Here’s what you actually need to do to attract clients

Agatha Brewer
7 min readNov 10, 2023


If you think posting three times a week on social media will get you clients, you’ll probably be upset when that doesn’t materialize.

I know, I know… All the business coaches and influencers told you that you just have to show up, post, and stay consistent, and the results will come!

But here’s what they forgot to mention: Choosing a marketing channel (think: social media, blogging, podcasting, networking) isn’t the same as creating a strategy around it.

And that’s what most new entrepreneurs don’t realize.

I coach new business owners in the beginning stages of launching their business, and most of them don’t have any marketing experience, so they feel lost when it comes to creating a marketing plan and promoting themselves.

Here’s what you need to do to build a strategy around your chosen marketing channel so it brings you clients.

1. Pick an aligned marketing channel.

If you’re new to business, I’d suggest you only choose one or two. Why? Because you need to focus, and trying to be everywhere will only slow you down.



Agatha Brewer

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