Rushing to Reach Your Business Goals is More Dangerous Than You Think

And a few things you can do to take a step back

Agatha Brewer
6 min readJan 28, 2024
Photo by Siora Photography on Unsplash

When I work with new business owners, one of the first exercises we do together is map out their vision and goals for the next few months. This really helps them see what they’re going after in black and white.

But it can also be eye-opening for me as a coach.

I’ve had my own business for over three years, so I know how long it usually takes people to accomplish certain milestones like figuring out their messaging, launching their website, and signing their first client.

I can tell when someone is in “rushing” energy pretty quickly if their goals don’t line up with what they’ve created in their business so far and the amount of time they have to work on their business (part-time vs. full-time).

Unfortunately, many business coaches paint a false picture of what’s possible, which sets people up for failure and frustration. They do this to sell their courses and programs without caring how it will affect their audience’s self-esteem.

And in just a few sessions, without me even having to say anything to them, my clients come to this same realization. They are rushing; they are frantically trying to reach their goals and, in…



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