Why You’re REALLY Procrastinating on Growing Your Business

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The Universal Truth

While I believe the root cause of procrastination can be different for every person, the universal truth I’ve found is this: It’s uncomfortable being an entrepreneur, when you’ve never been one before. You are building a new identity for yourself, and doing things like being visible and marketing yourself are going to feel unpleasant for a while.

What’s at the root of your procrastination?

1. You’re afraid of being visible.

This is the one I’ve mentioned already, but here’s the reason behind it. You think that if you’re visible, that you’ll be judged, and you’re afraid of what people will think of you.

2. Your perfectionism stops you from moving forward.

Why does it matter if you’re a perfectionist? Well, if you think that you can only put something out there if it’s completely, 100% perfect, then it’s likely you’ll have a hard time finishing anything at all.

3. You fear failure.

When you have a fear of failure in your business, your brain does this sneaky thing of convincing you to just not take any action at all. That way, you don’t have to fail. But it also stops you from trying, and you’re not actually giving yourself the chance to succeed, either.

4. You fear success.

On the flip side, some people fear success in their business, leading them to procrastinate and self-sabotage.

In Closing

Which of these reasons above resonate with you? Take a look at all of them, and see if there’s something you need to work through to stop procrastinating in your business.



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Agatha Brewer

Agatha Brewer

I help new entrepreneurs launch successful businesses without the overwhelm. Business Coach + Marketing Mentor. agathabrewer.com